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Our company is committed to offering you the solution and support needed to make the most out of the MOCA experience,

helping you to learn more about your customers and your business.




We have a passion for data intelligence and love to help companies learn more about their customers.

Oleg Morajko, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

Experienced entrepreneur, business developer and software architect with a PhD in parallel computing, Oleg is a concert pianist who equally applies his dexterity on the computer keyboard. He enjoys keeping abreast of others’ latest technological advances, as well as spearheading his own through skillful, large-scale software design and programming. Oleg is passionate about real-time stream processes and data analytics, as well as the world of cloud computing.

Elizabeth Goicochea

Head of Growth

Elizabeth is a passionate geek that loves all related to the martech world. As a head of growth, she is in charge of defining the growth plan, coordinating and executing growth strategies and programs and optimizing revenue funnel. She's been helping companies plan and manage digital and mobile marketing strategies over five years working for B2B high tech companies. This self-driven and problem-solving professional is also an enthusiastic team player with excellent organizational and prioritization skills. Elizabeth spends her free time with movies, music, dancing, and tasting new flavors in the art de cuisine.

Ana María Pomposo

Legal Manager

A lawyer with over 10 years of experience in legal defense and advice pertaining to commercial and civil law. She has a double degree in law, one in Colombia, her country of origin, and another in Spain. Now she’s facing a new challenge by managing the accounting and financial stuff in the company.

Ana Maria is residing for the last 18 years in Barcelona and has roots and cultural heritage of her Spanish father. In her free time, she enjoys spinning, zumba, historical novels and drawing Mandalas.

Iván González

Head of Engineering

Iván has been helping to build MOCA Engage from the ground up, participating in all aspects of the product, with a special emphasis on MOCA's Android, iOS and Cordova SDKs. As Head of Engineering, Ivan ensures the product keeps getting better and better while working alongside the very talented engineering team here at MOCA. When not hard at work with the MOCA product you'll find Iván learning all he can about computing, playing video games, travelling or spending time with his family.

Felipe Rivera

Business Developer

Felipe is passionate about digital marketing, innovation, music, and sports. He loves startups and tech environments. His mind is totally business oriented. He’s an Industrial Engineer with 6 years of experience in Banking and Product Development, with a Master in Direct and Digital Marketing. He is always looking for new ways to solve problems and add value to the projects and clients he works with.

Laura Rosa Diaz

Lead Graphic Designer 

Laura, or Rose as she likes to be called, is a graphic and fashion designer passionate about cats, branding and graphic patterns. She loves to investigate consumer trends and to share her knowledge with her friends and colleagues. She’s also very concerned about  the consequences of the fashion industry in the environment and this is a topic she would like to specialize in. In her free time, she likes to travel around the world, write, draw, eat pizza and watch Netflix.

Julián Gutiérrez

Head of Customer Success 

Julian thrives helping others achieve their goals, and he’s very thoughtful about it. As Head of Customer Success, he’s always listening to feedback and making sure it reaches the right ears, at the right time. He strongly believes in responsible sales, in always setting the correct expectations, in promoting constant feedback streams and in data driven decisions that aren’t just based off a load of rows and columns, but factoring human emotions while cherishing them. When off duty you’ll find him enjoying the audiovisual arts, good (and bad) food and hunting for knowledge.

José Garza

UX Designer 

José has an analytical mindset and loves to both observe and create solutions that improve experience for all users. He combines his product design background, knowledge and his Masters in UX/UI to achieve this. In his spare time he loves reading books, visiting art exhibitions, listening to music and creating new cooking recipes.




Our priority is to be a great team and a great place to work. We look for joy-filled people, motivated to share in our vigor, commitment and professionalism.