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Our company is committed to offering you the solution and support needed to make the most out of the MOCA experience,

helping you to learn more about your customers and your business.




We have a passion for data intelligence and love to help companies learn more about their customers.

Mª Fernanda González, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

María Fernanda (a.k.a. Mafe) is a passionate entrepreneur and big data analytics expert, Mafe is a quantum physicist and a natural-born scout who enjoys risk and adventure. She likes building what seem to be impossible things, and constantly surrounds herself by top people to help her make it happen. She sees life as a dance, where every step must be improved to be enjoyed to the fullest. In her world, full of predictive and real time big data analytics, social network analysis, and algorithmic solutions, Mafe’s business mind works at its best.

Oleg Morajko, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Experienced big data analyst with a PhD in parallel computing, Oleg is a concert pianist who equally applies his dexterity on the computer keyboard. He enjoys keeping abreast of others’ latest technological advances, as well as spearheading his own through skillful, large-scale software design and programming. Oleg is passionate about real-time stream processes and data analytics, as well as the world of cloud computing.

Ana María Pomposo

Legal Manager

A lawyer with over 10 years of experience in legal defense and advice pertaining to commercial and civil law. She has a double degree in law, one in Colombia, her country of origin, and another in Spain. Now she’s facing a new challenge by managing the accounting and financial stuff in the company.

Ana Maria is residing for the last 18 years in Barcelona and has roots and cultural heritage of her Spanish father. In her free time, she enjoys spinning, zumba, historical novels and drawing Mandalas.

Ivan Gonzalez

Lead Mobile Developer

Ivan is a software developer who is focused on mobile, but loves to learn about all kinds of new technologies, never wanting to lose the big picture. He enjoys sharing knowledge with others and taking on great, new challenges. In his free time, he likes bike riding and video games.

Elizabeth Goicochea

Mobile & Digital Marketing Manager

Elizabeth is a passionate geek that love all related to the martech world. She's been helping companies to plan and manage digital and mobile marketing strategies over five years working for B2B high tech companies. This self-driven and problem-solving professional is also an enthusiastic team player with excellent organizational and prioritization skills. Elizabeth spends her free time with movies, music, dancing, and tasting new flavors in the art cuisine.

Felipe Rivera

Business Developer

Felipe is passionate about digital marketing, innovation, music, and sports. He loves startups and tech environments. His mind is totally business oriented. He’s an Industrial Engineer with 6 years of experience in Banking and Product Development, with a Master in Direct and Digital Marketing. He is always looking for new ways to solve problems and add value to the projects and clients he works with.

Julián Gutiérrez

Customer Success Manager

Julian is a team player, focused on supporting all MOCA team members and customers. You’ll find him under a desk checking the CAT5 cable, examining HTTP requests, reproducing customer issues and trying to fit gamification use cases into projects. Sometimes he even voices promotional videos. Believer of hands on, but always with up to date documentation, this rare creature thrives when helping others achieve their goals.

Laura Tortosa

Back-End Developer

Laura is a back-end developer who is fascinated about Big Data and interested in Artificial Intelligence. She is a Computer Engineer with a background in International Trade. She loves programming in JavaScript and works with a solid team capable of solving complex software design issues. Currently, her research is focused on software architecture especially in Big Data architectures. In her spare time, Laura enjoys listening to live music.




Our priority is to be a great team and a great place to work. We look for joy-filled people, motivated to share in our vigor, commitment and professionalism.