Core Team

Mª Fernanda González, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

María Fernanda (a.k.a. Mafe) is a passionate entrepreneur and big data analytics expert, Mafe is a quantum physicist and a natural-born scout who enjoys risk and adventure. She likes building what seem to be impossible things, and constantly surrounds herself by top people to help her make it happen. She sees life as a dance, where every step must be improved to be enjoyed to the fullest. In her world, full of predictive and real time big data analytics, social network analysis, and algorithmic solutions, Mafe’s business mind works at its best.

Oleg Morajko, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Experienced big data analyst with a PhD in parallel computing, Oleg is a concert pianist who equally applies his dexterity on the computer keyboard. He enjoys keeping abreast of others’ latest technological advances, as well as spearheading his own through skillful, large-scale software design and programming. Oleg is passionate about real-time stream processes and data analytics, as well as the world of cloud computing.

Cristian Pi Martín

Channel Partner Manager

Cristian is a highly skilled sales manager both within the SaaS industry and in Partner development. As a channel partner believer he has successfully built three channels of partners from scratch and he has also worked for the largest one at HP. He has a quantitative and analytical mindset and the capacity to understand and solve problems from a business and technological perspective. In his spare time, Cristian enjoys traveling and scuba diving.

Alejandro de la Peña

Sales Manager & Business Developer

Fifteen years of technical consulting and project management has instilled in Alejandro the ability to handle a customer like a pro. He is someone who has a vision for the future, and who enjoys the speed of technological advances and their application in real life. Alejandro has a keen listening ability that help him meet the customer’s needs. He believes his friends and family are his source for emotional support and energy, and outdoor sports a way to expend some of it.

Elizabeth Goicochea

Marketing Manager

Eli is natural-born optimist. Bored with rigid thinking and schedules, she finally discovered her passion: Marketing. She loves its dynamism and the way it can show the best of a company. Our world is changing, and “without discovery, there is no venture”. This passionate mobile marketer spends her free time with movies, music, dance, and tasting new flavors in the art cuisine.

Luis Morais

Inside Sales

Luis is passionate about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, tourism and sports. After many business trips between Spain, Portugal and Latin America, he decided to change his professional route and became a Master in Online Marketing and Ecommerce. He is a proud father and dedicates most of his free time to family activities or cooking delicious Portuguese recipes. He loves startups and the tech environment and his mind is totally business oriented.

Iván González

Mobile Software Developer

Ivan is a software developer who is focused on mobile, but loves to learn about all kinds of new technologies, never wanting to lose the big picture. He enjoys sharing knowledge with others and taking on great, new challenges. In his free time, he likes bike riding and video games.

Oscar Guillen Mateu

Lead Backend Developer

Vocational developer at heart, Oscar spends his spare time coordinating and programming in personal projects, and sharing his knowledge as a student tutor. His hunger for knowledge has no bounds, and so is his drive to share it. He loves all kinds of science, physics, and technology, and travelling all around the world and learning of other cultures. He also loves video games, and has tried to create a couple of them. Oscar goes crazy when skiing which may be too much for his own good.

Joan Miralles

Front-end developer

Joan is a front-end developer who is passionate about the new UX capabilities. The most of the time he is disciplined but sometimes the ghost of HDD (hype driven development) appears and Joan is tempted to rewrite everything in the newest technology possible. He is also interested in Data Science applications and, especially, quantitative finance and algorithm trading.

Mirta Štefanac

Web developer

Mirta has recently graduated and gained a masters degree at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics at University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has joined MOCA to support front-end development. Since she has just moved to Barcelona, she spends most of her free time exploring the city and its surroundings, tasting Catalan specialties and trying to learn some Spanish. Mirta is also a nature and animal lover, she enjoys doing all kinds of sport activities.

Astrid Villar

Supplier Manager

Many years of experience in the administrative and accountant area have given Astrid the ability to handle suppliers like an expert. She always seeks excellence and is focused on the growth of the company. She loves spending time with family and, as a foodie, she likes to discover new dishes from different cultures. Astrid enjoys traveling and meeting peoplefrom around the world.

Mónica Castillo

Graphic Designer

Since she was a kid, Monica has been always feeding her creativity by designing and painting during hours in front of the computer. Nowadays, she keeps on these paths, in a more professional manner, giving coherence and quality to every graphic image without any loss of passion. In her spare time, Monica loves watching movies, playing video games, walking on the mountain and discovering new places.

Scientific Team

Saida Diaz


Saida is a Physicist specialised on Astrophysics and computational analysis, besides of being a science lover who constantly seeks to apply it to the real world. She is an active and enthusiastic person who is not easily willing to give up, facing the challenges of the marketing. She believes that as every star in the sky, each user is unique with a myriad of skills, abilities and qualities that can be discovered and studied in order to appropriately focus on the customer's requirements.

Wilmar Fajardo


Following his passion for natural sciences and their laws, Wilmar became a physicist. He learned that every problem, despite how difficult it may seem, has a solution, as it can be properly fragmented in small ones which are easier to be solved. He is majoring in Astronomy at MSc level and his research is focused on solar flares. He loves the way basic research and technology are linked, making useful improvements in the daily life of many people around the world. Wilmar likes sports, as they are excellent examples of how discipline, hard work and fair competition drive you to success.

Juan Camilo Guevara


Juan Camilo is a physicist currently enrolled in a Master in Sciences-Astronomy program, researching in solar physics and development of radio astronomical instrumentation and data acquisition. He is excited about new challenges and he loves applying his knowledge to find solutions for today's problems. His capabilities of communication and leadership turn him into a person able to achieve the ideal balance between the academic rigorously and the complexity of the social relationships.

Angel Investors

Philippe Vimard

Strategic Advisor

Philippe, COO and CTO at eDreams Odigeo, is a passionate technologist with over 15 years of experience in e-travel, and a clear mission to harness technology to build world-class products and help people lead better lives. He is relentless at building, measuring and improving technology while using a factual approach and his personal influence to achieve consensus. Phillippe is a “get things done” kind of manager, who is gifted at fostering a team spirit among his employees and making them an integral part of the solution and success of a particular project.

Eduard Pérez Olmo

Legal Counsel

Eduard has a great sense of justice and likes negotiations that bring benefit to both parties. He enjoys being with people and cares about creating honest and lasting relationships. As for hobbies, he likes movies, music, playing and watching sports, and spending time with family and talking with friends.

Albert Pradel

Legal Counsel

Albert is a technology junkie and believes in its power to transform society. He is curious and committed, loves working and learning in a team environment. He always finds the motivation to take on new challenges. He is positive by nature and loves the uncomfortable feeling produced by risk-taking. Maps are one of Albert’s hobbies, as well as letters, colors, sounds and shapes. He loves to share food, coffee and chocolate with everyone around him.

Gilbert Peffer

Research and Innovation

Gilbert is passionate about achieving big goals. He loves science and enjoys using its results to solve real-life problems. He loves innovation and creating high-impact large projects, getting people motivated and involved. He is a dreamer while still being realistic which allows him to always strive for new heights. His hobbies include outdoors activities and being in the company of the people he loves.

Lissette Handal, JD

Global Relations and Marketing

A lawyer by trade, Lissette strongest talents are her strategic mind and her ability to connect and relate to others. She loves helping people see the best in themselves and empower them into action. Lissette is a natural born leader and visionary and thrives on building relationships with fellow human beings across the globe. She left a successful international law practice to start a humanitarian project empowering women and girls in at risk communities globally. Lissette is a foodie at heart and enjoys art, travel and varied culinary delights in the company of her three young daughters.


Diego Fernandez

Strategic Advisor

Diego is a serial Entrepreneur, Thinker, Do-er and highly skilled Strategist, with several years experience in technology startups. Diego also sits on the Executive board of various companies and as an Advisor. Nowadays he is working as a connector, advisor and investment strategist for several international startups.

Nina Alastruey

Business Advisor

Nina has 15+ years experience on the Internet, mobile, media and advertising industries, in addition to working with multinational companies. She is adapts to rapid-changing environments and works with cross-cultural teams. She has founded the Channer Mobile Live TV. Nina loves her native Barcelona but holds California dear to her heart. She is a mother of three and fluent in five different languages.

Lluis Font

SaaS Marketing Advisor

Lluis has 25+ years career in the Information Technology Industry, including general management, consulting and entrepreneurial experience with leading international firms and successful start-up businesses. He is a senior executive who has created successful businesses for software, internet, and e-commerce companies in the US, EU, China, and Japan.

Juan Carlos Riveiro


A natural born entrepreneur and brainstormer, Juan Carlos is the Founder and President of Vilynx. He started his career as an R&D Engineer at LADEL, working with The Polytechnic University of Catalunya, on digital signal processing. Later, in 2005, he co-founded GIGLE Networks, a startup later acquired in December 2010 by BROADCOM. Juan Carlos is a globally recognized expert in communications.

Marcos Cuevas


Marcos loves creating new tools that allow people to improve the world. He studied computer science engineering at The Polytechnic University of Catalunya and founded his first company in 2003, dedicated to mobile apps. Marcos spends his time on several projects while helping other entrepreneurs succeed. He believes in working together to build a world and hopes for the second version to be a more humanistic one.

Jordi Ruppmann


Jordi believes that the most important thing in life are relationships among people, which is why he supports projects that help positive, committed people work toward continuous improvement and innovation of his social and professional circles. He’s passionate about the evolution of technology applied to fields such as social, health, sports, home and business.

Prof. Xavier Giménez

Scientific Advisor

Xavi’s academic career as a Chemistry Professor, includes the University of Barcelona, University of California, Berkeley and the University of Perugia, Italy. His has published more than 100 papers in his field. Xavi is passionate about explaining science to the layperson and turning 50 recently, helped him achieve balance between public and private research and development. A family man, he enjoys reading and playing carom billiards, a discipline where collisions take place both at the molecular and macroscopic level.

Jill Adams

Freelancer Editor - Teacher

Words are Jill’s passion and with them she builds strong stories. She has much empathy, which makes her a great counselor and friend. She loves all forms of art and is the publisher of the online magazine The Barcelona Review. She also enjoys running and independent film.


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