Core Team

Mª Fernanda González, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

María Fernanda (a.k.a. Mafe) is a passionate entrepreneur and big data analytics expert, Mafe is a quantum physicist and a natural-born scout who enjoys risk and adventure. She likes building what seem to be impossible things, and constantly surrounds herself by top people to help her make it happen. She sees life as a dance, where every step must be improved to be enjoyed to the fullest. In her world, full of predictive and real time big data analytics, social network analysis, and algorithmic solutions, Mafe’s business mind works at its best.

Oleg Morajko, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Experienced big data analyst with a PhD in parallel computing, Oleg is a concert pianist who equally applies his dexterity on the computer keyboard. He enjoys keeping abreast of others’ latest technological advances, as well as spearheading his own through skillful, large-scale software design and programming. Oleg is passionate about real-time stream processes and data analytics, as well as the world of cloud computing.

Xavier Jolonch

VP Sales of Big Data Solutions

Xavier has over 25 years of IT experience, both in national and multinational companies. He's lived in Europe, South America and the United States, helping companies to develop business worldwide. He defines himself as a "happener", which is somebody who makes things happen, and a "translator" of technological ideas to business ideas. Xavier is an excellent team motivator and enjoys developing new projects.

Elizabeth Goicochea

Marketing Manager

Eli is a passionate digital and mobile marketer focused on planning and executing different digital marketing strategies. She has a thorough hands-on experience in generating leads for the sales department with excellent organizational and prioritization skills. From events, PR, social media, content, advertising and email campaigns, Elizabeth has successfully planned and executed all kind of marketing strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, meeting new cultures, dancing and tasting new flavors in gourmet restaurants.

Iván González

Mobile Software Developer

Ivan is a software developer who is focused on mobile, but loves to learn about all kinds of new technologies, never wanting to lose the big picture. He enjoys sharing knowledge with others and taking on great, new challenges. In his free time, he likes bike riding and video games.

Joan Miralles

Front-end developer

Joan is a front-end developer who is passionate about the new UX capabilities. The most of the time he is disciplined but sometimes the ghost of HDD (hype driven development) appears and Joan is tempted to rewrite everything in the newest technology possible. He is also interested in Data Science applications and, especially, quantitative finance and algorithm trading.

Mónica Castillo

Graphic Designer

Since she was a kid, Monica has been always feeding her creativity by designing and painting during hours in front of the computer. Nowadays, she keeps on these paths, in a more professional manner, giving coherence and quality to every graphic image without any loss of passion. In her spare time, Monica loves watching movies, playing video games, walking on the mountain and discovering new places.

Wilmar Fajardo


Following his passion for natural sciences and their laws, Wilmar became a physicist. He learned that every problem, despite how difficult it may seem, has a solution, as it can be properly fragmented in small ones which are easier to be solved. He is majoring in Astronomy at MSc level and his research is focused on solar flares. He loves the way basic research and technology are linked, making useful improvements in the daily life of many people around the world. Wilmar likes sports, as they are excellent examples of how discipline, hard work and fair competition drive you to success.