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Eurecat Mobile Forum: Shared payments and cars controlled with your mind

How powerful is your brain?


The attendees of Eurecat Mobile Forum were astonished when they saw  Richard Hebert , CEO of Little Miracles ,  presenting what they call ‘Neuroscalextric’ .

This startup had developed  a system to control  a Scalexctric car using the brain waves.

Despite its application in games industry, their work can also be applied in other fields such as neuromarketing.

Eurecat Mobile Forum is an event which aims to present  the latest trends in the field of mobility. It’s organized by the Technology Centre of Catalonia and it’s hosted by the CaixaForum (Barcelona, Spain).

In addition, there was also celebrated the Finapps Party 2015 , which this year focused on improving financial services. The winner was a team which had created an app to share payments. All the participants   had to develop the app within  24h.

Several keynotes focused on millennials and post-millennials. The young people is the target of most of the solutions which were presented, since brands need to develop new ways to connect with them.

However, these terms are not only applied to young people. In fact, we should include all the people who uses social networks and new technologies for their daily life, regardless their age.

Big Data was also present in the Eurecat Mobile. Forum. For instance, SmartHub unveiled a predictive traffic solution which uses data provided by social networks and mobile networks.

Gamification, Virtual reality, clothes which can measure emotions… The sixth edition of the Eurecat Mobile Forum unveiled a lot of great innovations. We’re are already looking forward to discover the products and services of the next edition.


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