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MOCA partner with Bullfrog to Enhance Insurance Services through Location Intelligence and Big Data

We are excited to announce our partnership with Bullfrog, a leader in innovation consulting and experts in the areas of FinTech and InsurTech. Through this agreement, the two leading companies are committed to help financial and insurance entities better understand their customers, allowing them to design financial products based on their profile, as well as providing a better experience through a more personalized set of services.

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Bullfrog provides its expertise and applies multiple technologies, offering innovative solutions to financial institutions and the insurance industry, both through the implementation of their products, or other specialized consulting services.

For its part, MOCA allows companies to offer real-time customer analytics based on their location and other attributes such as their behavior, interests and mobility patterns. MOCA platform provides hyper-targeted messages and in-depth location insights, responding to the specific needs of the customers.

We have incorporated MOCA into Bullfrog's innovation platform to extend the value proposition that we offer to our clients in the financial and insurance industry”, said Hilario Itriago, CEO and co-founder of Bullfrog

“MOCA partnering with Bullfrog represents a strategic alliance that opens a channel to bring financial institutions closer to Big Data and Geolocation technology” explains Maria Fernanda Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of MOCA. In addition, she specifies that "The future of transactions relies on geolocation and micro-location, as they enable to obtain valuable information from customers. It allows financial and insurance entities to focus on developing customized actions and targeting the right audience, achieving at the same time, successful campaigns and customer satisfaction. "

To find out more about our new partner please check out his website.

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