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Features Update: Dwell Location Trigger for iOS and Android

Today we’re really excited to announce the launch of our Dwell Location Trigger, a new feature aimed to improve the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns using the MOCA Platform. This new and advanced feature will allow digital marketers to boost the efficiency of proximity campaigns to the next level.

What does Dwell time mean?

In a context of proximity, dwell time is the length of time that a mobile user spends at a particular location before returning or moving on to another location. This kind of location information is very useful as it can give retailers and digital marketers location data insights about how the customers interact with their physical stores and the paths they take to conversion.

What is the Dwell Location Trigger designed for?

Dwell Location Trigger gives you the opportunity to deliver just-in-time content to your mobile users’ devices when they remain a predefined amount of time at the selected location. It provides you with much more control over when a user should receive a location-aware campaign and helps to eliminate users who may be only passing through your location.

MOCA supports dwell location trigger for any Geofence, Zone or Bluetooth Beacon and it’s fully compatible with iOS and Android. Dwell trigger is available on the following MOCA SDKs:

  • Android 2.6 and above.
  • iOS 2.5 and above.

Dwell Location Trigger

Dwell Location use cases:

  • For retailers and shopping malls, it allows you to differentiate between customers who are passing through and customers who are really interested in your store or shopping mall.
  • For airports, it allows you to relocate the staff to the highest density areas.
  • For amusement parks and events, it lets you know where queues are forming.
  • For big brick-and-mortar stores, it allows you to send special offers or loyalty campaigns to customers who’ve been in the store longer.


Dwell Location Trigger is another powerful feature for improving your location marketing campaigns. You will able to trigger your campaigns based on how much time your mobile users stay in a specific location or zone, increasing the chance to reach the right target and deliver a more personalized content.

As always, we’d be glad to hear your feedback, so drop us a line anytime if you run into difficulty or visit our help center.

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