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IoT world Congress 2018

The IOT World Congress in Barcelona is one of the most important events in the technological world associated with artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain. In recent years, it has acquired much notoriety at the national and international level. For that reason, all companies whatever their size participated as exhibitors or visitors in this great event.

IoT world Congress

This year was different from other years, meaning that there were more big companies such as Google, Deloitte, Intel, Huawei, Microsoft, Vodafone, ABB, Wipro, SAS or Telit, that attended the event. And there was a representation of a large number of small companies with innovative and disruptive solutions in different areas such as Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Connected Transport, Healthcare, Buildings, and Infrastructure.

The IoT 2018 is more than a great exhibition of products or brands. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from different educators and experts about IA, Blockchain or Internet of things, in addition to knowing the latest trends in the IoT fields.

We had the opportunity to attend different talks and presentation. One of the most interesting for us was Think big, start small, move fast, directed by Sameer Sharma of INTEL Corp. He explained to the audience that intelligence is not negative for society, on the contrary, it helps us to solve different problems such as pollution, congestion, crime, and other negative side effects.

IoT world Congress 2018


It was very interesting since we agree that Smart Cities are one of the greatest areas for improving urban development and driving economic growth. That's the main reason why MOCA is developing big projects in Smart Cities, but especially in Smart Tourism providing added value to governments, local businesses and other stakeholders to better understand the tourism behavior, which increases the chance of anticipating their needs, improving communications and increasing quality life.

At the IoT World Congress, we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with some of our partners Slashmobility and BoiraDigital. Here you have a short video commenting our impressions about the latest trends.

¡See you next year!

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