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How MOCA Partners experienced 5G Network at MWC19 Barcelona

This year, the Mobile World Congress Barcelona hosted more than 109,000 visitors from over 198 countries and territories. Over 55 percent of this year’s MWC attendees held senior-level positions, including more than 7,900 CEOs. More than 2,400 companies showcased the latest technology, products and services across 120,000 net square metres of exhibition at Fira Gran Via.

At this edition, the Mobile World Congress theme works around Intelligent Connectivity, combining 5G network, IoT, AI and big data. We experienced a number of hands-on demonstrations and saw how these technologies will impact citizens lives and businesses around the world.

On this blog, we are going to name some 5G use cases shown at MWC19 that are shaping the future.


1. Entertainment: Immersive reality

The concept of digital entertainment will be transformed radically with 5G. In sports, you will be able to watch a football match through immersive reality glasses as if you were in the stadium.


2. Health: Remote Surgeon

One of the advantages of using 5G network in health is telesurgery. It means that in an operating room, powered by 5G technology, a surgeon specialist can guide, in real-time and without delay, another surgeon anywhere in the world.


3 . Mobility: Connected Car

The reduction on the response time between cars and urban infrastructures allows drivers to notice pedestrians, cyclists and prevent accidents.


4. Public Safety: Surveillance Drones

Drones are being equipped with temperature sensors and high-resolution cameras for early fire detection, prevention, and extinction. It allows for more efficient fire process by transmitting data to emergency teams in real-time.


Even our partners were amazed for the potential of 5G network. Let’s see how they experienced this MWC edition.


SlashMobility at MWC19 Barcelona 


NEC at MWC19 Barcelona 


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