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Introducing MOCA Showcase App for proximity marketing campaigns

We are back with more exciting updates! We received a lot of questions about how beacons and geofencing work in a real-world scenario and how MOCA platform can be used to trigger location-based marketing communications. So, we built MOCA Showcase apps to experience a proximity campaign first-hand, before investing your time and money in a pilot project.

The bundle of apps is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices. It helps marketers to understand how to apply beacons and geofencing to create brand awareness, drive visits or engage consumers.

1. MOCA Showcase App for iOS and Android

We designed a customer journey that emulates the different stages or moments in a buying process for a retail store, a shopping mall, and an airport. Each stage has a mobile user profile that is associated a specific campaign using MOCA Platform.

MOCA Showcase for Retail

MOCA Showcase for Retail   Customer Journey.PNG

MOCA Showcase app for Travel

Screenshot_20170421-125547 Screenshot_20170421-125735


MOCA Showcase app for Shopping Malls

MOCA showcase for Shopping malls IMG_2379.PNG

2. Improved MOCA Platform Features

We heard your feedback about how to improve MOCA platform for your daily basis. So, here you have some changes that will make it much easier to visualize proximity marketing campaigns and set up beacons on your dashboard.

Improved Proximity Content Builder

It allows you to easily preview your proximity campaigns using a beautiful mobile frame so you can verify how your creativity looks before sending it to your customers.

MOCA_Previw campaign

A more Friendly Beacon Editor

It enables you to add properties as longitude and latitude when you set up your beacons in MOCA platform.

MOCA_Beacon Editor

We are sure that you will find MOCA showcase apps and all the platform improvements very useful. Now businesses can emulate different real-world scenarios and show examples of contextual campaigns to their customers. As always, we’ll be glad to hear your feedback, so drop us a line anytime if you run into difficulty, or head over to our developer portal to learn additional tips and tricks.

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