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Connecting the world: IoT Solutions World Congress 2015

From 16th  to 18th of September Barcelona hosted the 1st edition of the IOTSWC, an event  focused on industrial  IoT solutions . It received more than 4,500 attendees and there were about 120 speakers and up to 90 exhibitors.

At the exhibition area there were large companies such as GE, IBM, Intel, Vodafone or Accenture , though there were also small startups from all over the world.

Most of the solutions which were presented were focused on how to implement an IoT ecosystem and how to connect the world through smart devices, smart homes and smart cities .

In this area, there were interesting projects presented by several firms . On the one hand, Intel and Indra unveiled a smart energy platform which can monitor and save energy at home.  Other firms such as Carriots presented their IoT solutions applied to different areas including e-health, logistics or banking.


Regarding Big Data and Cloud, there were several firms which presented their platforms to storage and analyse all the data provided by IoT solutions. One of the highlighted topics was the IoT security and the tradeoff between privacy and control; which was widely covered by exhibitors and speakers.


Lin Nease, CTO IoT at Hewlett Packard highlighted at his keynote :

“The owner of the data should decide whether he wants to share it “ .


One big issue regarding data is how to transform it into actionable value, otherwise you may be wasting valuable resources. James Kirkland, Chief Architect at Red Hat pointed out :

“There is no sense collecting data if you don’t process it “ .

The IOSTWC formed a partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) in order to create an advisory committee with the leading companies in the IoT industry. The first edition turned out a great success and the event organizers are already working on next year’s edition.


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