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MOCA iOS SDK 1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have just published the latest version of the MOCA iOS SDK.

Here is the Change-log:

  • SDK now supports iOS 6 (Analytics only) and iOS 7+ (Analytics and Proximity)
  • Weak binding for iOS 6 is now supported
  • You may know determine if proximity service is available by calling [MOCAProximityService isProximitySupported]
  • Proximity actions are now delivered in foreground mode and converted to local push notifications in background mode.
  • Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Various proximity engine fixes.
  • Zone/Place enter range bug fix.
  • Re-execute open url action bug fix.
  • Number of performance optimizations
  • CLBeacon CLProximity state change bug fix
  • AFNetworking symbol conflicts removed. You may now use AFNetworking module in your app.

SDK is available on GitHub.


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