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Big Data Spain (BDS15)

From 15-16 October Madrid hosted the 4th edition of the Big Data Spain.

It was a set of conferences that gathered more than 600 Big Data professionals in about 40 conferences. The featured speakers were senior developers from companies like Facebook, Linkedin, SAP , HP or IBM  that covered Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL technologies.

Several speakers highlighted that Big Data will lead to a highly personalized services in all the industries, especially with the improves in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. It will yield more accurate forecasts and deep knowledge of customer behavior.

Big Data

In addition, the growth of Internet of Things will lead to a large amount of data that will require a deep analysis and the rise of Artificial Intelligence will completely change the way we interact with firms.

There were also public organisms that showed the Big Data solutions they’ve built. For instance CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, talked about C2MON; which is a platform to build-up highly scalable, reliable and flexible monitoring solutions. Matthias Braeger, the Head of the Control and Monitoring Platform C2MON, explained how they use this tool to leverage In-memory data management at CERN.






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