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MOCA’s Help Center has answers to most of your questions!

Apple unveiled iOS 13 in the WWDC19 and it brings general privacy improvements in location

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IoT world Congress 2018

Features Update: Dwell Location Trigger for iOS and Android

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5 Retail Enterprise Solutions You Shouldn't Miss at MWC18

FREE Proximity Marketing Webinar for Retail Apps by A3sec

New exciting features and updates on MOCA Platform

Why Do Retail Apps Need to Use Location-Aware Notifications?

MOCA launches Wi-Fi based Audience Analytics for Outdoor and Indoor Locations

The Top 10 Articles About Location and Proximity Marketing of 2017

MOCA and BaleFireHQ turn Zutphen into a Smart City through beacon technology

IoT for Marketing: The power of digitizing the physical world

4 things developers need to know about iOS 11

MOCA AI-based mobile engagement at Mobile World Congress Americas

Dynamic Heatmap for Indoor Location Analytics

How to transform the Banking experience using location technologies

Physical Web: Eddystone and what it means for mobile marketers

How to take advantage of Location-based Marketing at large-scale Events: MWC 2017 Case ...

MOCA brings Indoor Proximity Analytics for Venues

What Will Change in Location Marketing with iOS 11 Update

5 reasons you should use location marketing in your mobile strategy

MOCA partner with Bullfrog to Enhance Insurance Services through Location Intelligence ...

MOCA launches Indoor Mobility Flows for Venues

Why Hotels are using geomarketing on their mobile strategies

3 Music Festivals that use Location-based Marketing to create amazing mobile experiences

How to Enrich and Personalize the Experience of Museum visitors with Location-based ...

Launching MOCA Engagement app for Android and improved campaign editor

Transforming the Shopping Mall Experience by leveraging mobile and location technology

MOCA is attending the Next Web Conference

MOCA brings Wi-Fi based proximity campaigns for Android devices

Why do organizers need to use location-based marketing to make the most out of events?

How sports teams can take advantage of proximity marketing to boost sales and enhance the ...

Introducing MOCA Showcase App for proximity marketing campaigns

MWC 2017 leverage MOCA and Pole Star cutting-edge Mobile Engagement and Indoor Location ...

MOCA Platform nominated again by GSMA for the Global Mobile Awards 2017

Using Geolocation to Predict Urban Mobility Patterns

How retailers can use proximity marketing tools to boost sales

Proximity Marketing Use Cases: A Recap

Building Smart Cities through Location-based Technology

Solutia Intelligence and MOCA Partner to Make Cities Smarter through Beacons and Machine ...

New Improvements: Real-time audience analytics, Beacon management and Getting started ...

Creating an Irresistible Mobile Travel Experience with Proximity Marketing

Apple removes the headphone jack, what does it mean for Beacon and Bluetooth technology?

Understanding the traveller journey: Proximity Marketing for Airports

Location-based technology for airlines - transforming the passenger experience

MOCA turns Benidorm into a smart city through beacon technology

MOCA is now available on Micello's Marketplace

The Power of Proximity Marketing and Geolocation at MWC16

Announcing MOCA Partner Program: Location-based technologies for a customer-centric ...

Everything you need to know about location technology to relieve privacy concerns of ...

Top 5 Myths about Bluetooth Beacons

MOCA wins GSMA GLOMO Awards 2016 for Best Mobile Cloud Service

MOCA and Pole Star power MWC 2016 with the most advanced proximity marketing and ...

MOCA Platform nominated by GSMA for the Global Mobile Awards 2016

My experience at Retail’s Big Show 2016

Understanding Proximity Marketing

MOCA, HiMedia and 014 Media have joined to offer multi-brand retailers hyper-targeted ...

Video Tutorial Getting Started with MOCA Proximity Marketing and ibeacon Platform

Tech Crunch Disrupt London: Innovative Apps, Machine Learning and sir Alex Ferguson

Eurecat Mobile Forum: Shared payments and cars controlled with your mind

MOCA Proximity Platform - Video Getting Started (Spanish)

Smart City Expo (SCEWC)

Event Tech Live (ETL15)


Big Data Spain (BDS15)

Internet of Things World Europe (IOTWE15)

Moca Platform at the South Summit

Innoquant launches MOCA, mobile location-based marketing platform

Connecting the world: IoT Solutions World Congress 2015

Predictive Analytics: website traffic

Why Big Data Analytics is important for your business?

The Largest Deployment of Beacons Ever Carried Out for an Event in Europe

Apple iBeacon vs Google Eddystone

Shopper Marketing: A big growth opportunity for Retailers

NFC vs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bringing iBeacon support to Android

Bluetooth Low Energy vs Wi-Fi

Why Wi-Fi tracking is dead

MOCA iOS SDK 1.2 Released

#WWDC14, Bluetooth technologies gain relevance in both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8

MOCA Proximity Experience presented at Big Data Startups meetup (with demo app)

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